Reflections of my past semester in PR

Anybody that knows me knows that besides the fun parties that were had this year, I am quite thrilled that the semester is almost over. I will say that I did have some interesting classes this semester and it is looking like a very nice gpa to add so I am quite pleased with my results. One of my biggest/most influential gains from this semester has been my public relations class. I came into the semester very excited about taking this class because I had not realzied that up to that point, almost everything that I thought I knew about Public Relations was wrong. I thought I was about to be taking a class where I would be learning how to spin stories and keep athletes and celebrities out of trouble. Because I was wrong, this meant that I was now learning that the class would not be what I expected and that I was instead getting myself into some trouble. As the semester got going however, I began to realize that public relations is actually not too bad in terms of PR as a profesion and the many things that PR people actually do.

This class did teach me that I have a hatred for research and if possible, I hope to never have to do a PR campaign again in my life because a lot of that stuff just is not for me. With that being said I learned a lot from the class and strongly enjoyed the in class topics and discussions that were discussed about public relations as a whole. As a person with a business background and having started my own business where I am also in charge of the PR focus, I have learned a lot of things that will add to help make the business successful. I strongly enjoyed learning about the social media aspects and things such as Tweetdeck that allow me to better manage my different social media outlets. Using tactics that I have learned in this class has allowed me to get my business twitter page to have almost 4,000 followers in just a month with over 3,000 of them being people that I do not even know and are from around the world.Our website has also had over 10,000 page views in this short time so this is an important time for good PR. We have had special giveaways and contests that have made the business very well liked and popular and a lot of that comes from different tactics that I have learned while taking this class.

As a business person I also enjoyed learning how PR people try to appeal to stakeholders and stockholders and learning about different things like PR and ROI and other things of that nature. Since my strong focus is marketing, I am almost leaving this class feeling that PR is more related to marketing than anything else and a lot of things that we learned were things that I could relate to from other marketing classes besides that PR is more of a people/consumer focus and marketing is more focused on getting the sales and making money off of the people/consumer focus. I enjoyed learning about crisis management and I am sure I will be able to incororate those types of activities in my business and be prepared to prevent different crisis’s from happening. I will say as much as I do not like doing campaigns, I do like coming up with different strategies/tactics and objectives to help solve problems so I will admit their was at least some value that I gained from the campaign project.

One of the biggest things that I took away from this class was that ethics and credibility are one of the most important factors of Public Relations. I came in thinking more negatively about what PR people actually do because I thought that PR was basically the media and I do not like how the media tends to lie and spin every piece of informatino that they get. Instead I have learned that PR is a very honest profession and has to be if they want their organizations to be successful. As a whole, I am glad I took this PR class and I learned a lot this semester that I have already applied to my actual life through my business, helping others in different PR classes, and better educating myself for my future.

Now if the teacher could just give me like an A- in the class or B+, life would be really great..


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