PR Definition Previous to Today

I have come a long way in my overall development and understanding of what Public Relations really is during this semester. When I started, I thought that public relations was basically looking good in front of the media and making sure that the people that represent you, does not do anything that the media could portray them as negative for and if they did, how the PR person would fix the problem. I also thought that Public Relation was about spinning stories and that a lot of it was not necesarrily ethical or was all about publicity.

I now see that public relations also has a lot to do with how the organization works with consumers and stakeholders and how much social media has become a factor with the Public Relations spectrum. For instance I never knew before the class that part of PR was looking over analytics to see when it is the best time to send posts on social media because that is when your account may be having the most traffic(Wallace, 2014). Public relations is also a lot about brand image and controlling it and to my surprise, PR is not about spinning stories but more of making sure that you have credibility. “A strong corporate reputation is increasingly a PR responsibility.”(Blumenthal). If your organization does not have a good reputation, then it will be viewed negatively to the general public and could also be portayed poorly in the media.

Crazy how a few weeks can change your overall thought process of how you think of something. I now have a much better understanding of what PR is and still keep finding out more things about it that I still may not know the true definition of Public Relations. The PRSA says “Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” Based on what I mentioned about organizatinos using PR within organizations to interact with the public, I a gree to that definition. I will say that it is a very elaborate profession and there many different facets of PR that makes it very important and different from almost any other profession while still combining things like marketing and advertising principals that I have learned in other classes and have better background on.

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PRSA. Official Statement on Public Relations. Accessed April 15, 2014.


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