How I will use PR in My Career

So, the big question is how will I use Public Relations in the future for the career that I wish to have? As a Sport Management major, I have already been introduced to some public relations in almost everyone of my classes up to this point so I have learned that PR will definitely be important to me in the future. In terms of my career goals based off of my current major, I would like to either become involved in sport agency, work in the front office of a an NBA team either as a General Manager or have a high up marketing position, and finally work for my own business that I helped start with 2 other friends and to be in charge of the marketing operations.

As a sport agent, public relations will be a very important skill for me to have. For one, I will need to be able to represent my athletes and set them up to be very marketable and well liked by the general public and also more importantly, companies and businesses that will want to hire them for work or endorcements. I will also need good PR skills myself because businesses have to like and trust me in order for me to get my client the jobs and money that they want. A successful agent has great people skills and that is what I will need to have when working with clients.

Having a position as a marketing manager of an NBA, I will definitely need public relation skills. It is important in marketing especially for a professional team that I can market and promote different products to the fans that will make them want what we are selling. I will also need to understand what the customers like and do not like. As the marketing manager if I see through social media that fans are not very receptive to the new short sleeve team shirts and prefer the traditional basketball jersey, it is important that I am able to quickly make changes so that the team continues to have fan support and that our marketing efforts are not hurt. If I am a GM I need to make sure that as the face of the organization, I am doing what I can to make correct ethical decisions that will allow our fans to continue to like and support our team and to make sure that I do not get involved in any scandals that could hurt us. I would also need to be good with working with different media outlets.

Finally I recently helped start a business with my friends called The Sole Savior, which in short is a shoe company we started. We have experienced much success so far and Grand Valley State has allowed me to do my own business as my internship for this upcoming summer. I am strongly hoping that this takes off and can be my career until we get big enough to sell the company for millions. I will mainly be in charge of the marketing and PR so of course I will need to use PR for this job. So far I have helped get our twitter page to over 2000 followers in a matter of 3 weeks or so and I am working hard to promote to potential customers and give the Sole Savior a good image. Using correct PR tactics for this business will strongly determine if we ever fully take off or if this ends up failing, but it is great that I get to work on my PR skills now instead of later.

Sport Public Relations, Second Edition by G. Clayton Stoldt, Stephen Dittmore, and Scott Branvold. , retrieved april 8, 2014


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