Why we need research in public relation

So the question for today is “Why research in PR?” My 2 questions to respond to the first question is “Why not?” and “when would we not need to do research within a field?” According to dictionary.com, the definition of research is the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions. In a field like public relations that is always changing and expanding, we always should be looking for ways to establish new facts and especially reach new conclusions. Most businesses if not all businesses should have some type of PR plan in place that they will follow. In order to have a successful PR plan, according to Steven Symes, you need to have done different forms of research for your organization to determine if any of the objectives formulated for the public relations plan has been achieved and to what degree. This will help your organization decide whether to continue with the plan, make adjustments to the plan or to scrap the plan and begin formulating a new one.

Research is also very important because in public relatinos, we are all about spreading information to the public. It is important to research the fastest and most efficient ways to relay this information. Lucky for us, we have social media which allows us to be able to send out information to the public almost instantly when something occurs. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be a bad thing since as we have seen, celebrities tend to say exactly whats on their minds and end up saying things on social media that they end up regretting and that we as PR people need to help clean up. For this reason it is also important to research new ways to help prevent those types of things from happening and to find new ways to clean up these problems.

In terms of dealing with your brand, according to Jessica Lawlor from prdaily.com, #1 newest trend in social media and PR is to let your brands superfans help do your marketing/selling for you. From what I have learned in previous courses in school is that public relations is now a part of the promotional mix which is a part of the marketing mix. We use research when marketing and we use research to figure out better ways to promote, so why would we not use research to better understand public relations especially when it relates to marketing and promotion? At the end of the day, “why do we breathe?” Of course the answer is to survive, so “why do we need research in public Relations?” Without proper research, you can’t expect a PR firm, sport organization, or business to survive.


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