Looks like I have been Tricked!!

So I find out I need to take a public relations class this semester. My first thought is this should be a piece of cake because one of my majors is  Sport Management and half of my classes have had different public relation units in it so I thought that I was familiar with what public relations was. Wrong!! I have been blinded by my sport classes to think that public relations was all about spinning stories and dealing with the media, but there appears to be so much more to it than that.  Now that I check out the syllabus, it seems that we will not even be touching public relations within sport so I guess I won’t be watching any interesting ESPN videos this semester on forms of good pr and bad pr, but instead learning about the business side of pr. Now I find myself sitting here learning new things that I have never learned or done before and getting ready to do a 40-50 page something client planbook! What have I gotten myself into haha?!? I guess I can not complain though. I feel it is always good to learn new things and who knows, this could be fun.

There does seem to be a lot of different career paths and jobs that you can get through public relations so this will most likely be a beneficial class for me. At least I am a peoples person anyway and on top of that I have aspirations of making it into the music industry and working with different artist and managers or trying to work in the front office of a professional sports team so I need to know what goes into Public Relations besides just looking good on TV or spinning a story to make someone else look good. I also plan on getting my masters in business and then a law degree as well so I am sure that I will be doing something in my future where I will have to do PR related things and I feel that a legal background has to go someone hand and hand with PR. I guess at the end of the day, though this is totally not going to be what I was expecting, I think I may actually enjoy PR and I guess I am constantly marketing and advertising for other things so this should not be too much different. Well until next time my friends.


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